How to Hire a Video Production Company

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Make sure to choose a production service that’s end-to-end

Having a production company work with you from the start of the idea to the final execution and delivery ensures a consistent outcome. 

A surprising amount of detail goes into video production, including, but not limited to, script writing, location scouting, acquiring of permits, set design, and talent agreements. That’s why we always recommend working with an experienced company who handles all these details on your behalf. 

This way you can avoid complications which can delay the shoot or even prevent you from using your video once it’s completed. 

Starting together means you’re both on the same page, with the same finish line and the same journey. Your team will have gone through it all with you and be that much more invested in the end result!

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Be wary of choosing based on price

Choosing the cheapest option available might work when getting late-night takeaway (debatable), but not so much when choosing the best video production partner. 

Naturally you want someone who delivers within budget and doesn’t cut corners, but we know just how disappointing a final product can turn out if price is your main determining factor.

The right video can have quite a long shelf life and is often a great return on investment. So it’s probably worth spending a bit extra for a finished product that has that professional finish and is unique and personal to your organisation. 

Also, while you’re at it, why not try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing–go on, you deserve it!

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You want a team that lives and breathes video


A video is so much more than moving images on a screen. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 30 seconds–every good video should tell a story. Your audience should be pulled in at the start, feel the steady rise of emotion and enjoy a satisfying conclusion as it comes to a close.


What will happen if your production company doesn’t get that? It’s simple. You’ll have a video that no one will want to watch.

Video is an incredible medium to effectively deliver messages through both show and tell. But like any other medium, it needs to be wielded by an experienced hand for the best results.


You want a video production company that understands exactly how to use video to effectively hook, inform, entertain and MOVE your audience. 


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Beware the big agency with multiple communication points


So you’ve just started a big new video with your big name brand agency. We get it, the big agencies wow you with their big name recognition and the view from their office.


But just 2 hours have gone by and you’ve already spoken to 20 different people at the agency.


From a number of our clients’ reports, chances are you’ll get bounced from team member to team member. There may be any number of account managers, producers, directors, or other people involved with the communication when it comes to creating a video production project.


On the other hand, working with a smaller agency means you’ll generally have one point of contact and you’ll always be working with that agency’s A-Team from start to finish.


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Avoid a production company with a big ego


We’ve talked about big companies, now let’s talk about big egos. 


Some production companies will boast about how they’ve established themselves as the innovators of innovation. But you need to be careful that their creative vision isn’t blind to your bottom line!


You’re probably in a position where creative guidance and suggestions would be welcome, but your organisation’s reputation and end goal must take priority over all else.


Working collaboratively is the name of the game with your objective front and centre. Because at the end of the day the story they need to tell is yours. 

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They should understand the pressures you’re under


As a Marketing Manager, you have a lot on your plate, so the last thing you need is more tasks on your to-do list.


Hiring the right people for your video production needs should feel like handing off a heavy burden into strong, capable hands. Anything less and you’ll find yourself wondering if they were right when they said: If you want it done right, then you have to do it yourself!


When it’s all said and done, you want to look good, your boss to be happy and for the budget to have been well spent.


And hey, having fun along the way wouldn’t be so bad either.

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