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Here’s how we supercharged Pfizer’s Cycle Week conference with emotive storytelling.


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CHUCK. Media creates high quality, results-driven, professional videos for pharma and healthcare organisations. We leverage years of experience to create emotive stories that fit your environment, brand, and organisational objectives- all while achieving the outcomes you need hassle-free. 


We’re an Established Video Production Company That’s Helped Some of the Largest Pharma Companies


CHUCK. Media Helps You Deliver Emotionally Compelling Stories That Connect with Your Audience

We have proven experience…

Showcasing Pharma Culture

We demonstrate your exceptional workplace with video content that positions your company as a serious competitor for attracting high, quality talent.

Creating Powerful Stories

Through video content, we raise awareness on health, taking broader steps to growing your audience and generating dialogue within the community.

Featuring Pharma Brands

We communicate your achievements through Social Media to help establish your competitive edge in the pharma and healthcare space.

20 Plus
Years of successful video production
Of happy clients (and still growing!)
1 plus million
Views on a single client video campaign

Are You Struggling to Find the Right Production Company That Gets Your Message and Your Organisational Goals?

As a pharma or healthcare media manager, chances are you’re under pressure to find a video production team that really understands your industry. You may be tasked with raising awareness around your products and treatments, creating an internal message for your workplace, or developing a recruitment story to attract the right talent.


WIth the ever-increasing regulatory burdens of your industry, you may feel enormous pressure to protect and maintain your brand reputation, and position your organisation as trustworthy and relatable to remain competitive in the pharma and healthcare space.

Communicating that in the right way is critical to your success, which is why you need a video production company that is quick to respond to what you’re after to create the best outcome for your campaign.  

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In Fact, Have You Ever Caught Yourself Saying any of the Following....

 I want to deal with a reliable supplier and creative partner.

And can take all the ideas in your head and turn them into engaging stories.

I want someone that understands the regulatory restrictions we face.

 And you can depend on that company to communicate your message clearly.

I want someone that delivers within budget and doesn’t cut corners. 

You’re interested in something that is unique and personal to your organisation.

I really need a team that’s empathetic and sensitive to our content.

You’re dealing with people that may be sensitive to talking about their health issues.

If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then you need a production company that REALLY understands your needs.

Introducing CHUCK. Media

The Boutique, In-House Production Company That's Fully Equipped to Create Compelling Video Stories for Your Organisation

Whether you’re looking to communicate your message on your health services, new treatments, or your culture, we create compelling pharma and healthcare stories from strategy to delivery hassle-free that strengthens your mission to improve people’s health.


With over two decades of experience, we’re confident that we can help…

Deliver a high-quality video of your services and products, and the progress and advances you’re making in medical treatments.


Create awareness on the impact of your treatments on rare diseases for decision makers, policymakers, and the community.


Communicate your key messaging via a case study video to attract new clients, seek out potential funding, or showcase your culture.


 Impact your audience by sharing compelling patient stories that move people to connect deeply, and make medical treatments and services accessible.


Create valuable training resources to help drive your culture forward, keep your workforce engaged, attract new talent, and drive down turnover.

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Tell transformational stories that build community relationships so that people know who you are, your point of difference, and what keeps you ahead in your industry.

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For Pharma and Healthcare companies, this is the must-read guide when partnering with a video production company.

Avoid these easy-to-make mistakes so that you can successfully choose a video production partner who truly understands your industry without wasting time, money and your reputation.

The 8 Biggest

And that’s just the beginning… No matter what goals you have for your organisation, we’ll help create a video campaign that achieves your outcomes.

Ready to share your company's story with the world?

Let Us Walk You Through the Process of How We’ll Work Together to Create Your Video Campaign

After years of experience, we’ve streamlined our entire production and communication process so that things run smoothly for you. From concept to delivery, you’re involved in the creation of your story with as much – or as little – creative control as you feel you need.


With over two decades of experience, we’re confident that we can help…


Strategy: Our sessions are focused and structured. We dig deep to understand your business, the story you’re wanting to tell, and how we can create that emotional connection with your audience.


Creative: We help you draw out your unique story, and combine our creative ideas, film expertise, and how to factor in powerful emotional drivers that are likely to engage and inspire people.


Production: We have an incredible in-house crew that covers every element of the film production process from sourcing your ideal location, to working with your team to find people that are willing to share their stories. 


Post-Production: We shape our creation into its final form with every post-production tool at our disposal, and offer you the chance to participate in this process if you choose.


Delivery: With your finished product, we’ll send it out into the world, measure its performance, and make any relevant adjustments to create maximum impact.

No commitment.

Just a chance to chat.

Why CHUCK. Media?

Because we turn complex, sensitive healthcare themes into beautifully-crafted stories

As your creative partner, you get a team that:

  • Has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. We recognise your time pressures, the importance of quickly understanding what you’re after, and having a deep experience of, and respect for, the nature of your content.


  • Has a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget. We don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ corporate productions. Rather, we incorporate your business environment into every detail of your production process from start to finish.


  • Offers a full service, in-house production team. We have all of the relevant people to handle your entire production campaign with an ability to be guided by your needs, rather than our egos. 
  • Handles all types of video campaigns across pharma and healthcare. From creating video content on patient stories, to cycle week and internal conference content we’ve got you covered.

  • Uses the highest quality video equipment. You get a high quality, professional video campaign that delivers, using the best quality equipment available regardless of the size and scope of your story.

“…One of the things that I love about your team is that there's this beautiful humility, and you really make people feel at ease. I felt a lot of trust and comfort… felt included, consulted.”

Emma Bonser, Pfizer

Ready to Bring Your Health Stories to the World and Change People’s Lives?

Health touches all of us at some stage in our lives. It exposes our human frailties and vulnerabilities, which is a part of our storytelling to bring people together. At CHUCK. Media, we film with feeling to bring your message to the world and strengthen your mission to improve people’s health.  


Are you ready to create awareness and drive results with your company’s story?

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Download Your Free Guide

For Pharma and Healthcare companies, this is the must-read guide when partnering with a video production company.  Avoid these easy-to-make mistakes so that you can successfully choose a video production partner who truly understands your industry without wasting time, money and your reputation.

The 8 Biggest