CSIRO and Data 61 undertake important research to determine the causes and effects of the decline of bee populations worldwide.


To highlight the important work they do, as well as the incredible technical innovations used, this video series was commissioned.

Using tiny microchips manufactured by Hitachi, the team are able to track individual bees. This information is shared in real time with scientists in Brazil, Mexico and the USA to better understand the patterns of bees worldwide.


Distributed on LinkedIn, this video series was the highest viewed content on their channel for the year.

“Without bees you don’t have food, without bees you don’t have forests, without bees you don’t have a healthy planet- no bees, no man.”


A collaboration between CSIRO, Data 61 and their technical partner Hitachi, this video also had a commercial goal- to outline the relationship between CSIRO and their technical partner in order to attract new potential corporate partners.

Rather than advertising the commercial relationship explicitly, the goal was the create meaningful content with broad appeal, allowing the corporate partnering to subtly appear within the greater story.

The strategy (along with a Linkedin cutdown video release strategy) paid off and the content was the highest viewed on the client’s channels for the year.