Rugby Australia | #PartofMore Campaign


The #PartofMore series for Rugby AU was designed to shine a light on the untold stories of community rugby.


The digital content series covered 10 stories from across Australia, from the top of remote Western Australia to our southernmost tip in Hobart.


The series attracted over 1 million unique views- not only raising the profile of community rugby groups across the country, but also prompting a spike in registrations through subtle calls to action.

The #PartofMore series focused on 10 separate individuals across the country. Each person had a unique and relatable story, and as viewers, we followed them on a hero’s journey.

Georgia in Albany followed her rugby dream as a young girl in remote southern WA- even if it meant driving an 800km round trip to Perth every week for training. The Burnie Emus in north western Tassie continue to play week in and week out even when they can’t field enough players for a whole team- because it means so much to them to have a club to call home.

For Rugby AU, this series was an opportunity to tell a good news story and to show the work that they put into keeping community rugby alive. The values of Rugby are those of inclusion, diversity and friendship, and the videos were an opportunity to show that story.

Seeded across Facebook, the stories garnered mover 1 million views and were also picked up by digital and broadcast outlets all over Australia as well as internationally.

By following each of these stories, we show that Rugby really is much more than just a game- and what it means to be Part of More.


“The team definitely see things from a different perspective. CHUCK tells a beautiful story that paints a really lovely picture. You feel like you want to be part of the magic they capture so beautifully.”