When Pfizer moved into their modern new premises, they wanted to make a visual impact.

The 15th floor sky lobby features an enormous digital canvas for which CHUCK created a suite of digital content. Interactive digital art using cutting edge technologies is a key feature.

These digital art pieces are also supplemented with evocative moving imagery as well the ‘We Are Pfizer’ series of colleague stories.


The screen content not only delights and invites interaction from inquisitive visitors to Pfizer, it also sets the tone for Pfizer’s home in the CBD- a place of creativity, collaboration and curiosity.

When Pfizer moved location from West Ryde to the Sydney CBD, it was a big deal. A history of 50 years was being uprooted and a broader shift was underway in how the company perceived itself. Part of this re-evaluation was through the expression of the company’s new ethos in the design of the new office space.

The Digital Screens greet you as soon as you arrive on level 15. It’s a huge digital canvas which rotates a variety of tone setting imagery. Digital art from some of the world’s forefront creators mixes with playful animations and evocative natural footage. A series of Pfizer colleague stories expands on the idea of what it means to work for Pfizer.

Content is reflective of the time of day- vibrant and energetic content greets the viewer in the morning, slowing to a more reflective pace by the day’s end.


It’s a vibrant imagining of where Pfizer sees itself positioned for the next 50 years and tells the Pfizer story in a new and different way.

"We really connected on what we were trying to achieve as part of this project. It's ambitious and we were trying to achieve it all in such a short space of time. We really only had one shot to get it right.

To work with the team on this has been an absolute pleasure. I think it's a great advertisment of what Pfizer stands for and it's a great example of how we can tell a different Pfizer story."