An award winning short film about an unsung community hero.


The McGrath Foundation is an organisation which helps women with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the most difficult time of their lives.


Nurses like Samantha Moules help navigate the journey. They provide comfort and support, strength and friendship. We were proud to tell the story Sam, her service to ‘her ladies’ and shine a light on her incredible work.






Winner of the Silver Medal- Australian Video Producer’s Awards.

Produced over a 6 month period, this project told a tiny piece of the stories of four patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer as well as the nurse who treats them- Samantha Moules.

Sam has over one hundred ladies whom she cares for. She is their confidant, their educator, their champion, their support- and they are her ladies.

Metastatic Breast Cancer affects not just the patients, but their families as well as Sam’s family. Through that common thread of family, we were humbled to have the opportunity to tell a story about finding joy in the little things.